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County & City Government

Hereford has been the county seat of Deaf Smith County since 1898. The County offices, housed in the Deaf Smith County Court House, serve a population of approximately 19,000 county residents. The County Judge presides over a board of four County Commissioners who are elected to rotating four- year terms. The Commissioner's Court meets every second and fourth Monday of the month to dispense county business. Each commissioner presides over a precinct and takes care of that precinct.

The County maintains a Sheriff's Office consisting of an elected sheriff, Deputies, narcotics officers, a dispatcher, communications center operators, corrections officers, and reserve deputies.

All deputies are certified through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. The Sheriff's Office administers the law to all areas of the county.

Hereford has a council-manager form of government. The mayor and six councilmen are elected to rotating two-year terms. The professional City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council (Commissioners). The day-to-day business operations and municipal administration is performed by the City Manager and supporting staff. The City Commissioners meet every first and third Monday of the month.

The City maintains a Police Department with a Chief of Police, a Police Captain, a Patrol Division staffed with patrol officers, a Detective Division, and a Communications Division. All officers are certified through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. A general Dispatcher handles incoming calls and dispatches services such as EMS, ambulances, fire department, and police officers. The City maintains several community education programs concerning law enforcement and safety.

The City maintains one of the finest volunteer fire departments in Texas. Headed by a hired Fire Marshall, Hereford's department responds to an average of 400 calls per year. Everything from fires to emergencies and accidents are addressed by the Fire Department. Firemen are required to achieve certification. Some training is available locally while the bulk of training is received at College Station at the Texas Fire Training School. Hereford's firefighters have achieved an ISO rating of 4 – equal to that of most professional fire departments.

The City of Hereford works hand-in-hand with the County to help make Hereford a great place to live.


If you really want to see Hereford businesses, you might want to take a few turns off the main highways. Get off Highway 60 and go down Main Street. You'll be greeted by banks, insurance offices, gift shops, women's shops, western shops, massage therapist, framing shops, attorneys, furniture stores, title company, newspaper office, city offices, accountants, and even a ‘pickup' shop for your favorite truck. Pharmacists, nutritionists, cable television, financial services, a radio station, a dentist, a diner, a fitness center, a decorating shop, and a beauty salon are all mingled in and around the main street area. Move on over a bit to Highway 385 and Park Avenue area, and you'll come upon fast food establishments, steak houses, realtors, insurance companies, a fashion shop, health food store, automotive store, lumber business, repair shops, auto dealers, two mall areas, grocery stores, farm service stores, convenience stores, fuel sales, a flower shop, two donut shops, janitor supply business, heat and air conditioner stores, storage facilities, rental businesses, a garden center, and even a senior thrift store.

Hereford businesses have a well-earned reputation for being honest and dependable. They take great pride in providing their customers with the best in "customer satisfaction." Patrons from around the Panhandle shop in Hereford because of the personal and professional attention they receive.

Folks in Hereford like doing business with their neighbors. The friendly hometown atmosphereis very conducive to successful small business operations. If you want prompt attention and service with a smile, you'll enjoy avisit to Hereford's retail businesses.

The City of Hereford, Chamber of Commerce, County Government and HEDC take great pride and care in ensuring that families and businesses feel a sense of community. The future looks bright with new business opportunites around every corner.

Whether your goal is to relocate here, establish a new business, expand an existing business, or simply find a great place to live and raise a family - Hereford is the place !


Hereford is number one in the world in beef production. Cattle feeding is our main industry and we boast of being the “Beef Capital of the World.” There are more than a million cattle fed within a 50 mile radius of Hereford. We lead the entire area in dairy production. We also are nestled in a large grain producing area where farming is abundant. These two empires create a world of agribusiness industry. Truckers, millwrights, chemical blending plants, beef processors, feed mills, grain elevators, sheet metal fabricating, pet food manufacturing, farm equipment sales, automobile sales, organic and natural food processing, crop spraying, lab analysis, irrigation equipment, material handling equipment, storage plant facilities, air conditioning services, filtering and processing facilities, tools and hardware, cotton handling facilities, veterinarians, animal nutritionists, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and realtors can all attest that success is directly tied to cattle and agriculture.


Deaf Smith County has always been known for its thriving agriculture industry. A variety of crops can be grown in the fertile soil of this area. Crops like corn, wheat, maize, vegetables, cotton, soybeans, onions, sunflowers, and even fruits are adaptable to the climate and growing seasons.

Crops are grown in dry-land and irrigated methods. Small grain crops are sold locally to supplement the cattle feeding industry while other crops are shipped and sold outside the area. Most of the crops are planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. Wheat, however, is harvested in the summer. The majority of farms are owned and operated by private individuals. Large grain elevators handle, store, and market crops for farmers. Hereford is fortunate to have the facilities and expertise to sustain such a large industry.

Sprinkler irrigation has just about saturated this area. Everywhere you look, you can see giant automatic sprinkler units that provide efficient management of water resources. They not only help the farmers manage their watering demands, but also help to conserve precious water sources.

There are many related industries that contribute to a successful farming industry. A pet food manufacturer, flour mill facility, feed mills, cotton gins, chemical blending plants, grain processing facilities, farm equipment dealerships, metal fabricating facilities, beef processing plants, certified seed companies, custom spray applicators, custom harvesting companies, trucking companies, insurance companies, and repair shops are all examples of business that is created by a strong agricultural economy.

A favorable climate, hard working people, and a great location help to make Hereford a “standout” in Texas agriculture.

Financial Institutions

Hereford is fortunate to have many financial institutions that are all willing and able to help with everything from auto loans, home improvement, home loans, new business loans, or even loans for vacation. These institutions will help you manage your money efficiently and will keep you on track toward a strong financial future. They all play a very important role in growing our community. They are actively involved in civic organizations and assist the Chamber of Commerce in numerous ways. Hereford simply would not be the strong community it is without the involvement of our outstanding financial institutions.

First National Bank of Hereford
Firstbank Southwest
First Financial Bank

Happy State Bank

Capital Farm Credit
Hereford Texas Federal Credit Union

Economic Development

Hereford Economic Development Corporation
Box 1266 Hereford, TX 79045
806-364-0613 Fax 806-364-3342

Building and Zoning and Code Enforcement

The City of Hereford operates under the 2006 International Building Codes and the 2008 National Electrical Codes. The Building and Zoning department works to insure that the City of Hereford is a safe and clean place to live. If you have a concern or complaint, please feel free call us at (806)363-7103.

Condition of Premises and Weed Control

Citizens are compelled by City Ordinance to keep weeds and grass mowed on their properties (responsibility includes areas from the curbside to the middle of the alley.)

In an effort to keep alleys clean and clear of debris, residents are asked to place all grass clippings, yard waste, as well as brush four feet and shorter INSIDE the dumpster. Brush larger than four feet in length and bulky trash is to be taken to the landfill.

The code of ordinances places the responsibility of maintaining a clean and orderly property on the property owner. This includes weeds, accumulation of junk, stagnant water and any other nuisances. Once the property owner has been notified that a condition on their property needs to be taken care of, they are typically given between three and ten days to correct it. After such time, charges can be filed in municipal court. The city can also remove the nuisance and then charge the expenses to the property owner. If such charges are not paid a lien can be placed on the property by the city.

Building Permits

Permits are required for new structures and any alterations to existing structures such as roofing, resizing windows or doors, and removing or adding walls. If you have any plans to add a carport or storage building to your property please come into the office so we can be sure that your structure will meet all city codes. If you have any questions about whether the work you are doing needs a permit, please give us a call at (806)363-7103.

Code of Ordinances (This link will take you away from the City of Hereford Website)

Garage Sales

Homeowners are allowed two garage sales per year, a maximum of three days each. Garage sale permits are $5. Garage Sale Permits can be purchased at City Hall. Garage sale signs may only be placed on your property.


We require that the licensed plumbers, electricians and mechanical contractors each purchase their own permits and call in for their own inspections. Please call for inspections between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday (806)363-7103. We can usually perform inspections the same day, normally within an hour or two.

Food Establishment Inspections

The primary objective is the inspection and enforcement of sanitary standards for restaurants, bars, markets, bakeries, schools, hotels, hospital kitchens, day care centers, and nursing home kitchens in order to serve the public, respond to citizen concerns, and achieve corrections of violations.

Unannounced compliance inspections are conducted for locations that provide food to the public. When violations of State Health laws are identified most are corrected on site by management during inspection. If additional time is needed, the department conducts follow-up inspections to verify the items are corrected. Enforcement actions are taken when voluntary compliance is not achieved. The department currently permits 87 food establishments.

Major violations consist of improper cooking techniques or practices that could result in food borne illnesses. The first group of major violations include not re-heating food properly, not keeping food hot enough, not keeping food cold enough, and not cooking food to proper temperatures. The second group of major violations include other practices by employees that could cause food borne illnesses. Examples of these violations include not washing hands properly, no soap and paper towels at hand sinks, or improperly storing chemicals.

Starting a New Retail Food Establishment

Application for Food Establishment Permit

Food Establishment Inspection Report

Vendor Permits

Out of town vendors must obtain a vendors permit at City Hall. Permits are good for 30 days and are $25 per vendor.








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